Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekly Reporting on Ontario's Electricity System

After early reports, my testing does indicate the page referenced in this post, and many pages already on this site, are not compatible with Internet Explorer 8 - the last IE available for Windows XP.
I have no intention of making the pages compatible - see the sidebar for options.

I've posted a summary of weekly supply and demand statistics in Ontario. The final pieces of the data driving the reporting are posted by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), which is generally on Friday. My reporting thus far agrees, as expected, with the reliable IESO reporting .  There are 3 reasons to check out mine:

  • Context - I include comparison data to the same week in the prior year. 
  • Graphics - Primary the communication is via graphs.  
  • Curtailment - The reporting includes an estimation of how much supply is curtailed, hourly, throughout the weekly period.  The IESO does not.
  • Supply Mix information.
The weekly reporting can be accessed by selecting the "NEW: Weekly Report" tab, beside the "Home" tab on this site. 

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