Friday, February 24, 2012

Updated Weekly Reporting:Wk 7

The data sheets behind the NEW: Weekly Report, have been refreshed, so the reporting is now showing for the week of February 15-21.
The demand trend down continued, with the average Ontario Demand dropping 542MW against the same week the previous year.
The price trend down continues, with the average Hourly Ontario Energy Price dropping over $8/MWh from week 7 the previous year, which is about a 25% drop.  The range in the HOEP over the week was mainly limited, with a low of $14.86/MWh but the high came in one exceptional hour on Saturday the 18th as prices surged to $280.73/MWh at 7pm, as demand peaked, and as wind output dropped.  During the week the average pricing for off-peak hours, which include all of Saturday, exceeded the average price for on-peak hours.
The depressed prices did coincide with a slight rise in net exports.

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