Friday, February 17, 2012

Updated Weekly Reporting:Wk 6

The data sheets behind the NEW: Weekly Report, have been refreshed, so the reporting is now showing for the week of February 8-14.
The demand trend down continued, with the average Ontario Demand dropping 615MW against the same week the previous year, but a cold weekend did provide the first days up over the comparable day a year earlier (ie. the 6th Saturday of the year).
The price trend down continues, with the average Hourly Ontario Energy Price dropping over $11/MWh from week 6 the previous year, to only $22.48.  The range in the HOEP over the week was extremely limited, with a low of $14.51/MWh and a high of only $28.34.
The depressed prices coincided with an increase in net exports to an average of 1452MW per hour.

Nuclear output was again the most reduced source, compared to the 6th week of 2011, while coal saw the largest increase.

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  1. Its not a down trend - its "conservation" and will be labelled as such. Electricity bills will go up as revenue missed by the down trend will need to be recovered from the ratepayers under the guise of "conservation" but the rate application increases will label it as "revenue deterioration". In December the Environmental czar will issue his report echoing the OPA's conservation VP's report which will claim credit for the wonderfull decrease in demand they have achieved. This will result in many bonusus being paid throughout the province to the CEOs of the LDCs like Tony at Toronto Hydro. The Ministry of Energy will issue a press release claiming they have saved the ratepayers zillions of dollars and then announce they are closing the last of the "dirty coal-plants". OPA will follow that up with an announcement that they have awarded contracts to foreign wind developers for another 2,000 MW of wind. Shortly after that Gideon Forman of CAPE will make an announcement that Ontario has had no asthma attacks.