Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anticipated Supply Problems in Washington State Arrive

BPA News - High river flows cause limits on thermal, wind generation

"High river flows generating a temporary oversupply of hydroelectricity caused the Bonneville Power Administration last night to partially and temporarily limit the output of non-hydroelectric energy, including fossil-fuel and other thermal generation and wind energy."

I wrote about this situation earlier, and sure enough, the greenshirt wind troughers aren't disappointing.  According to an article at, AWEA is really distressed that existing policies to protect fish are taking precedence over maximizing the profits of their fake industry.

The American Wind Industry Association (AWEA) in a statement on Tuesday called the decision “wrongheaded” and said the interim policy could potentially cost wind companies “tens of millions of dollars and stifle new investment in the Pacific Northwest"

Another wind industry article explains that being curtailed hurts wind producers far more because of how heavily they are subsidized.  I'm paraphrasing:
"However, curtailment impacts wind operators more than traditional power generators because a significant part of the income generated from a wind farm comes from tax and renewable-energy credits. These credits represent actual generation, so the less output from a wind farm, the fewer credits it accrues."

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