Friday, July 13, 2012

Year-to-date Highs And Lows In Ontario's Electricity Sector

Posts have been sparse lately.  I've been working on the data side, including on putting reports up on my data site.  Yesterday I wrapped up what I wished to accomplish in terms of monthly reporting - which followed the creation of a cost breakdown report.  All of that work is to serve as a reference for myself, as well as readers of this blog.

I have just updated the weekly reporting, the first report I created on the data site.

Week 27, from July 4-10, is the highest Ontario demand week of the year, at 3,076,701 MWh.
Not surprisingly, it also has the highest average Hourly Ontario Energy Price of the Year - although that price is still only $37.25.

Nuclear, gas, and coal generators all had near high weekly generation levels for the year.

Hydro had it's worst production level of the year, which is a statement that has been true for the past 3 weeks.

Wind had it's worst production level of the year.
By far it's lowest production of the year.
Weekly total output of 34,101 MWh was 36% lower that the previous week (which wins 2nd lowest generation of the year).   To find a lower week of output, we need to go back to the heat of the summer of 2011.

Changing statistical periods only a little, performance for the first 6 months of the year shows wind, coal and gas, and therefore emissions, up.
But not demand, which remains slightly down due to a warm winter.

The big down is in the HOEP rate, which is 35% down, making the gap between price for export customers, and Ontario customers, widen.

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